I noticed early on that art liberated individuals mental constraints set fourth by both genetic & environmental conditioning factors such as color, creed, & faith. Art true value to me has always lied within the intrinsic value placed on both the receptor & receiver sense of satisfaction upon the displayed artistry. I reminisce on doodling in class throughout my educational matriculation. During lecture I would attempt to recall the masterpieces my father would draw on a simple napkin while at the kitchen table at dinner. He never erased a thing as every pen stroke appeared effortless, but precise. My father, a solider both during & after his service, always appeared emotionless expect when drawing. He too stood confined, not recognizing his gift as a blessing, as most of us do because of perception. Edward, “you can’t sustain yourself nor a family with art,” he would state, as my grandfather also told him. So I earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a bachelor in science in Information technology, & a MBA in business management. It was during my undergrad where I ironically was taking my last class, art history with Ms. Vernon, a Yale MFA grad who now teaches at the Art Institute of Chicago, that I recognized my blessing. She pushed me and my art skill set to the limit, but I passed foolishly on her recommendation & assistance on pursuing a MFA at her alma mater. I later found that one cannot run from what you truly are. So I embraced art & used my experiences both positive & negative to mold my artistry and became liberated. From art inspired by a client vision each individual & I become connected. Through the freedom of expression with ink, skin, blood, sweat, & sometimes tears your masterpiece will be created & become your own to bare.