Q: How do I get a tattoo?

  • A: First, create a member login and send a proposal request. All requests should include JPEG/JPG/JIFF, PDF, TIFF, or Exif images(s). Along with a brief description of your concept.
  • Second, after your submission has been received and reviewed it’s either accepted or rejected. Please note: There are a number of reasons why a potential project is denied. Feel free to resubmit. All request are considered to be a honor.
  • Third, if accepted thirty three percent of the overall project amount is due prior to any work being conducted. The amount varies due to size, detail, and time. This amount is nonrefundable and will be used towards the project.
  • Fourth, after you’ve selected a final image, the remainder of the balance is due. The scheduled time, date, and studio location will be given to the client. Feel free to specify any accommodation request such as music selection, food, etc.

Q:What services do Infinite Imagery have?

A: Tattooing primarily, artwork such as paintings/ sculptures, and I2 merchandise are coming soon. We also do commissioned work.

Q: Does Infinite Imagery conduct community projects?

A: Yes! Both city and private based beautification projects are welcome. Please email our office with the nature and scope of the work. We’ll promptly get back if we can facilitate the request.

Q: What happens if I need to reschedule do to a unforseen event?

A: All written request made within 72 hours prior to the day of the session will be honored. All monies collected will be reapplied to the new session. Please note: Client’s, a lack of preparation on your behalf doesn’t constitute an emergency on my behalf. I respect both your time and money. I ask that this is reciprocated.